Primary Alloyed Aluminium

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We supply extrusion billets, rolling slabs and foundry ingots / T-bars across various industries with standard alloy covering customer specification in Primary Alloyed aluminium.

Alloy billets (1xxx-7xxx) range in diamaters from 4“(102 mm) up to 17“(432 mm) and lenghts are 5800 mm, 6000 mm and 7000 mm (for cut billets please consult us) with below standard chemical analysis ;
Alloy(Max)Si  %Fe  %Cu  %Mn  %Mg %Zn % maxCr  %Ti  %Others EachOthers Total
6060HP0.40–0.440.15– – 0.400.
6060-300.40–0.450.15– – 0.450.
6063-35I0.42–0.460.15– – 0.470.
60610.61-0.660.14-0.200.20-0.30max 0.050.90-0.960.020.06-0.190.02-
60820.95-1.050.15-0.23max 0.030.50-0.570.62-0.670.02
P1020Max0.08Max0.20Max 0.01Max 0.01Max 0.020.04Max 0.01Max
We also supply according to the customer specs in alloys 2xxx, 3xxx, 6xxx, 5xxx and 7xxx
Tensile strength (Mpa) 160190
Yield strength (Mpa)120150
Metallurgical Quality Average grain size : min 2000 grains/cm2 – max 200 µ acc to ASTM E112-96 Inverse segragation zone : ˂200 µ Inclusions : each cast need to be filtered with ceramich foam filter with a min rating of 30 ppi and max amount of inclusion.
20-50 µ51-100 µGreater than 100 µ
  <7 <1 0
Physical quality Physical quality Mechanical demages must not be greater than 2 mm in depth, 5 mm in width and 250 mm in lenghts on the surface of the billets Dimension and tolerances Diameter +0/-2 mm up to 203 mm , +0/-3 mm above 228 mm Length +/-10 mm Marking : billets in a bundle is marked on one cut end with cast number and alloy code.
1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx series rolling slabs and forcast plate slabs are available we supply according to the customer specifications.

dimensions of slabs

Thickness mmWidth mmLength mm

Production of other sizes is possible according to the order from the customer
According to the EN1706,EN AC42100 Quality certificates : ISO/TS9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO27000 etc Open mould ingot weight : 7-15 kgs Continuous mold ingot weight : 6-8 kgs Continuous cast bar weight : 10 kgs Tbars weight range : 300-750 kgs Marking & packing : will be done acc to customers specification
alloySi %Fe %Mn %Mg %Cu %Ti %Zn %Cr %Sn %V  %Ga %Ca %Pb %Ni %Sr %P %Sb %ALOthers EachOthers Total
AlSi10Mg9.00- 0.05        balance0.0200.100
AlSi10MgMn9.50-11.500.150.60-0.800.15-0.300.030.04-0.150.07 0.03  0.0050.030.100.015-0.0300.00200.015balance0.0200.100
145-piston alloy11.00-12.000.20-0.300.150.8-1.400.80-     0.80-1.30   balance 0.0200.100
175-piston alloy11.00-12.000.20-0.300.150.80-1.403.00-4.500.050.080.05     2.00-3.00 0.001-0.004 balance0.0200.100
AlSi9Cu38.00-9.500.70-1.000.40-0.650.15-0.403.00-3.500.151.00 0.10  0.00500.100.10Max0.00100.00150.020balance0.0200.100
AlSi5047-530.300.05Max0.   0.15 0.05   balance0.0200.100
AlSi2018-220.450.10 0.100.10 0.10     0.10   balance0.0200.100