Aluminium Wire Rod

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We supply both alloys 6061 and 1xxx in diamaters 9,5mm and 12 mm aluminium wire rod for electrical applications to the cable producers. chemical analysis (max)
 Al content (min)Fe %Si %Cu %Zn %Ti+V+Mn+Cr %Other each %Other total %
alloyAl content (min)Fe  %Si %Cu %Zn %Mg %Mn %Cr %B %Other each %Other total %
alloydiametercoil weightcoil heightinternal diameterexternal diametertensile strenghtpercentage of elongationresistivity (max)Conductivity %IACSmin
 mmkgmmmmmmmpa% minohm.〖mm〗^2/m 
1080 H119,5 – 12from 1700 to 2000850550142080-95150.0277262.2
1350/1370H119,5- 12from 1700 to 2000850550142080-95150.0278561,9
1350/1370H129,5- 12from 1700 to 2000850550142095-110150.0279461.7
1350/1370H139,5- 12from 1700 to 20008505501420105-120150.0279461.7
1350/1370H149,5- 12from 1700 to 20008505001420115-130150.028061,6
6101 T49,52000 ± 200850 to 9505001500150min100.0326052,9